A Peercoin wallet is an application used to store and transact Peercoins with other users. Peercoin has two desktop wallets: Peerunity and Peercoin-QT. We recommend Peerunity for most users. For more information on how to use your wallet software, visit the Newcomers page.

Peerunity (recommended)

Peerunity is developed by the Peercoin community. It includes features beyond the core protocol wallet, such as one-click minting and coin control. It features new Peercoin style theme and dedicated minting tab.

Download Peerunity

(core protocol)

Peercoin-QT is Peercoin’s core protocol, built and maintained by Peercoin developer Sunny King. It receives only high-priority updates.

Download Peercoin-QT

Paper Wallet

A paper wallet stays completely offline, printed onto on a piece of paper for safekeeping. Use a paper wallet if you want to limit access to your Peercoins, and plan to store them for a long period of time.

Download Paper Wallet

Android Wallet

A mobile Peercoin wallet that allows you to manage your Peercoins without carrying a fullsized blockchain on your mobile phone. It conserves precious space on your android device and allows you to take your coins with you, wherever you are.

Download Android Wallet