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Peercoin is always under development and any developer is welcome to contribute. There are a variety of ways to contribute, including core development and writing documentation. Please check our GitHub below to get started.


To learn more about the technical details of Peercoin and how to use existing tools or framework, it is recommended that you start by reading the Peercoin documentation.


Peercoin uses the hashcash double iterated SHA-256 algorithm for proof-of-work mining. This means that any hardware that can mine Bitcoin can mine Peercoin as well.

To mine Peercoin, you need mining software. Below is an unofficial list of mining software that has been found to have a decent reputation.

Peercoin University

Peercoin University is an educational article geared toward less technical members of the community to help them understand the complex topic of public blockchain.

The article starts off by explaining what a blockchain is, how it works, and its many benefits and use cases. Bitcoin and proof-of-work is detailed next, followed by Peercoin and proof-of-stake. Other topics include security, centralization, decentralization, scalability, and economics

DISCLAIMER: This list is provided for informational purposes only. Services listed here have not been evaluated or endorsed by the Peercoin Foundation. Exercise discretion when using third-party platforms and services.


Looking for more graphics? An up-to-date collection of logos and wallpapers can be found on the Peercoin GitHub.

ZIP folder for all graphics is available here.

Brand Identity

Peercoin Color Codes & Fonts:

Please use these color codes on your Peercoin related websites whenever possible. This will help us keep the Peercoin ecosystem and its branding and visuals consistent.

RBG: 24, 69, 33
CMYK: 66, 0, 52, 31

The Peercoin text logo uses the following font:
Font: FF Mark
Type: Mark-Medium

The Peercoin website and wallets use the Roboto font for its content.