Mission Statement

The Peercoin Foundation has been established with the simple mission of promoting and supporting the continued education, development, and overall progression of the Peercoin project. We seek to empower future Peercoin team members by providing the tools necessary to perpetuate Peercoin's long standing reputation for bringing world-first innovations to the Blockchain.

Community Support

If you would like to get involved with Peercoin, or would simply like to support the team, there are a handful of options at your disposal. If you are interested in becoming a developer for Peercoin or Peercoin related projects such as PeerAssets, send us an email at foundation@peercoin.net. If you would like to donate PPC to the Peercoin Foundation to support the expansion of a project, simply send your PPC donation to the multisignature address below.

Peercoin Foundation Multisignature Donation Address: p92W3t7YkKfQEPDb7cG9jQ6iMh7cpKLvwK

Contact Us

Stichting Peercoin Foundation
Postbus 7875
The Netherlands

RSIN: 858715958