Frequently Asked Questions


是的. Sunny King在发布之前提前9天进行了公告,在启动之前没有任何区块被预挖。论坛中一位用户写道:“[Sunny King]在预先承诺的发布时间(UTC 18:00之前的5分钟)在另一个帖子中发布了源代码链接。当我获得源代码并编译好开始运行时,只生成了5个区块,并没有任何预挖“。




What is minting? And how can I start minting peercoin?

Minting (as opposed to mining!) is the term given to Proof-of-stake block generation in Peercoin, that is securing the network. This earns you 1% annual interest. Coins are first eligible to mint 30 days after they have been transferred. If you want to mint, you have to put some of your peercoins at stake in your wallet. Read this guide, if you want to know how to do it and how it works.

You can calculate how much you will earn minting with this PoS-calculator.



  • 工作量证明挖矿(增加货币供应量)
  • 交易数量(每笔交易使供应量降低0.01PPC)
  • 股权证明挖矿(以每年1% 的速率增加供应量)


1% 的挖矿奖励对所有用户是公平的吗?

是的. 随着挖矿过程的进行,整个货币供应量增加,所有参与挖矿的点点币持有者保持其相对的市场份额。尽管较大的持有者可以获得更多数量的点点币,但是从百分比来将,他们相对于其他的挖矿者并不能获取更多。



Where and how can I buy peercoin?

There are many exchanges, where you can buy peercoins with fiat money (dollar, euro, …) or in exchange to other cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, …). See this list of exchanges.

In Europe and Russia currently most people recommend using and The Rock Trading. Former isn’t active anymore, it was replaced by

Where is the roadmap?

The newest roadmap was released on 2017-12-02.

You might also be interested to look at the RFCs in our Github repository, which shows ideas that we are thinking about to implement and things we are working on, but without any schedule.

How can I install a Peercoin wallet?

You can download and install a wallet client software on your computer or telephone.

We strongly discourage the use of web-wallets.

Who are the richest peercoin owners? Is there a richlist? What about the wealth distribution?

You can find it here. As with many other coins the richest peercoin owners are exchanges.

Where is my peercoin? What happens to my transaction? Where can I check the status of the blockchain?

You can search for a specific address, a block number, a transaction ID and tags in one of those Peercoin Blockchain Explorers. There you can also find price charts, statistics about energy consumption and the status of soft-forks.

I have more questions, how can I get in contact with other Peercoin users, developers etc.? Where is the forum? Is there a chat?

Write us in the Peercoin forum or chat with us on Discord.

You may also ask questions in our Peercoin reddit channel, retweet and respond to our official Peercoin twitter account.