What is an Exchange?

Exchanges enable you to trade your government-backed currency, such as US Dollars or Euros, in order to buy and sell Peercoins. Exchanges also facilitate trade between peercoins and other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

Placing an Order

Trades begin by the placing of buy and sell orders. Create a Buy order to request a certain amount of Peercoins for a specific price. Create a Sell order to offer to sell Peercoins. When different orders overlap in price, the trade is automatically completed, and the accounts of both parties are credited with the currencies they traded. A Market Order will trade immediately at the price currently available.


Each time a trade occurs, a small percentage is taken by the exchange for facilitating the transaction. This is known as a Trading Fee. Some exchanges also charge a Withdrawal Fee when you withdraw your new currency from the exchange.

Find a Peercoin exchange using CoinMarketCap

Reminder: Be sure to withdraw your Peercoins from the exchange after you purchase them. Storing coins in your own wallet is more secure, and makes you eligible for Peercoin’s 1% minting reward.