Peercoin development is moving ahead at a rapid pace.

Core Protocol

Upcoming editions of the core protocol wallet will contain the following features:

Optional Checkpointing

Today, the network uses centralized checkpointing to protect against attacks. The need for this security decreases as the network grows, upcoming versions will make these checkpoints optional. A future version will turn off checkpoints by default.

Peercoin Ecosystem

Would you like to get involved in Peercoin development and get paid for it? Here’s your chance! Peer4commit provides a central hub for development. You can:

  • Select a project on the site, work on it, and receive peercoins as a reward.
  • Pick a project you’d like to support, and contribute peercoins toward it.
  • Think up a new project, submit it, and receive donations towards its development.

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Current community projects


Peerbox is a secure operating system for minting and running Peercoin nodes, and is currently under active development. It focuses on inexpensive, energy-efficient devices such as the Raspberry Pi, which is compatible with Peercoin's goal of providing an energy efficient cryptocurrency. If ASIC is a term for dedicated and energy efficient mining, then Peerbox is the ASIC of Proof-of-Stake.

Website Forum

Find other innovative ideas on our forums or join the chat to discuss and share your own.