Peercoin development is moving ahead at a rapid pace.

Core Protocol

Upcoming editions of the core protocol wallet will contain the following features:

Cold Wallet Minting

Currently, in order to mint new coins, users must keep a wallet connected to the network, which is known as a hot wallet. Hot wallets are at a greater risk of malware stealing their coins, because they must remain connected to the internet during the minting process. In upcoming versions of Peercoin, special minting keys will allow users to mint while keeping their spending keys entirely offline.

Optional Checkpointing

Today, the network uses centralized checkpointing to protect against attacks. The need for this security decreases as the network grows, upcoming versions will make these checkpoints optional. A future version will turn off checkpoints by default.

Peercoin Ecosystem

Would you like to get involved in Peercoin development and get paid for it? Here’s your chance! Peer4commit provides a central hub for development. You can:

  • Select a project on the site, work on it, and receive peercoins as a reward.
  • Pick a project you’d like to support, and contribute peercoins toward it.
  • Think up a new project, submit it, and receive donations towards its development.

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Current community projects


Peerunity is wallet software that is developed and maintained by the Peercoin community. It includes many extra features that the official wallet lacks, such as coin control and one click minting. Future releases will contain a redesigned theme, Peershares integration and a minting tab.



Peerbox is a secure operating system for minting and running Peercoin nodes, and is currently under active development. It focuses on inexpensive, energy-efficient devices such as the Raspberry Pi, which is compatible with Peercoin's goal of providing an energy efficient cryptocurrency. If ASIC is a term for dedicated and energy efficient mining, then Peerbox is the ASIC of Proof-of-Stake.

Website Forum

Find other innovative ideas on our forums or join the chat to discuss and share your own.